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[Video Content] 4 ways to make your mixes sound better

Updated: May 14, 2019

I was asked to work on an interesting project that required a lot of sound design and Foley work, so i couldn't help myself from screen recording the entire workflow, and sharing my views and ideas.

Here are a few tips that will enhance realism and speed up the workflow in your post production sound design and mixing:

1) Use reverb for bigger, majestic and god-like VO

Depending on the style of the video and voice over, sometimes you'll need to make it sound HUGE, like god is speaking from the heavens. I used Valhalla room reverb to achieve that sound:

2) Use playlists for foley recordings:

When doing Foley recordings you'll want to use Playlist Comping Features - a relatively new Pro Tools feature that allows you to easily record, choose best takes and edit them.

Use those shortcuts to speed up your workflow:

  • Step through Playlists - Shift+Up/Down Arrow

  • Show Target Playlist - Shift+Right Arrow

  • Toggle current/previous playlist - Shift+Left Arrow

  • Copy to Target Playlist - Option+Shift+Up Arrow or Control/Start+Option/Alt+V

  • Move to Target Playlist - Option/Alt+Shift+T

3) Telephone Effect

Combine Drive and Eq in your process to receive a more realistic phone effect when dealing with phone conversations:

4) Layering

Use lots of layers to create realistic and powerful sounds that will bring the picture to life:

Watch the full session:



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